My name's Jake Bebar, and I'm a rising junior at the University of Notre Dame. My current plan (these change fairly often) is to major in Theology with minors in Business and Peace Studies. I have a pretty diverse set of interests, and I don't really like to assign myself to only one side of the spectrum. I'm completely organized and completely spontaneous...completely devoted and completely easygoing..a complete pushover and a complete skeptic.

This summer, I am living abroad in Nicaragua, volunteering at an orphanage.

I like to think that I'm pretty intelligent, but I'm a terrible student...most of my time is spent getting coffee with people, working, journaling, or managing clubs...that whole "school" thing is more of a part time job at times. My hobbies include playing the piano, playing the ukulele, song-writing, harmonizing, photography, film, and walking around barefoot.

This blog was started as a reflection project from a Jerusalem Pilgrimage during my Spring Break in 2013, but has since grown into a place where I can get thoughts out, reflect on current happenings, and just get out what needs to get out...a place to put my thoughts into concrete words.

Feel free to email me at jbebar@nd.edu.

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