Wednesday, April 3, 2013 | By: Jake

Appreciative of the Past

As the afternoon approached, we walked over to The Museum of Our Lord in the Attic. Basically, when Catholicism was made illegal shortly after the Reformation, a group of faithful Catholics completely renovated the inside of three apartments and made a church. I was pretty amazed with the elegant they made it look, and even more amazing, how they managed to pull it off. This wasn't just a room in an fact, it looked absolutely nothing like an attic. From the inside, it appeared to be a church, but from the outside, you would have no idea...

Although the church is no longer active, the museum gave you a lot of information about how the church used to function. It was a pretty interesting walked around with these little speakers, and then it would give you a two-minute was funny because we just all looked like we were talking on the phone:
Talking on our "phones"

I was realy impressed by the church...just the idea of a group of people acting solely on faith, choosing to stand up for what they believe in and go against the laws of the country. I just wish that the church was still's great looking upon the Church that once was, but what about the Church today. If all we have left are museums of churches that are just seen as tourist spots, how are we evangelizing to the people of Amsterdam?

Inside of Our Lord in the Attic

Looking upon the idea of an active faith that once was makes me appreciative of the past, but I want to be hopeful for the future.


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