Tuesday, April 16, 2013 | By: Jake

"Need Not"...Not "Should Not"

Something that I think we need to realize more and more:
“[The] Law says, ‘You should…’ – You should not sleep with your boyfriend; You should read your Bible every day; You should not get drunk; You should witness to your friends; You should not lose your temper… That is not good news… It’s condemnation.What the gospel says is this: ‘You need not…’ – You need not get drunk, because Jesus offers you a better refuge; You need not lose your temper, because God is in control of the situation. That is good news! Sin makes promises. The gospel exposes those promises as false promises and points to a God who is bigger and better than anything sin offers” (page 75). (from Tim Chester and Steve Timmis' Everyday Church)
Especially in our own lives...


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