Tuesday, March 26, 2013 | By: Jake

God Is Real

This is probably the hardest, and for the most part, will remain one of the hardest milestones for me personally.

I mean God is important...that's pretty easy to prove. I'm pretty sure that most atheists would even say that if God was real, He would be of the utmost importance. And it's also pretty easy to prove that God wants all of me...maybe not easy to accept, but it's not a surprise that He doesn't just want a part of you.

But it's hard to prove that God is real...personally speaking, I know I've put on my "Christian face" at times when I wasn't sure what my beliefs were. During that atheism period, for the most part, I wasn't very open about what I was thinking, and to most, I'm sure I appeared as a Christian. I just avoided talking about the subject.

Two weeks ago, I went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and everything changed...

Standing within the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a Franciscan priest who lived there gave us a very informative tour. To start off the tour, he said something that greatly convicted me:
"Friends, we are not here because this is place where a man by the name of Jesus was crucified. We are not here because this is the place where the body of a man recently crucified was anointed with oils and perfumes. And we are not here because this is the place where this same man was buried. These things are not hard to accept, and even many non-believers agree with them. We are here solely because we believe that a man by the name of Jesus, after being crucified, anointed, and buried, rose from the dead! We are here because we firmly believe that this man resurrected. Think about that while you are here."
We do not follow Christ because He helps us cope with suffering. We do not follow Christ because He brings us joy or comfort. We do not follow Christ because He was a compassionate being and was very moral. We follow Christ because we believe that He truly was the Son of God, and that He actually resurrected from the dead.

I'm not a Christian because it helps my life. I'm a Christian because it's true.

I'm a Christian because God is real.

So, God is real. Check.


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